MATERNITY- I recommend booking your maternity session around 32-36 weeks along.  Maternity sessions can be done in-studio or on location.  Having 3 children of my own, I know sometimes we try to pass up the maternity images as we don't feel at the top of our game.  Believe me these stages are memories to be captured. To remember what your beautiful body is capable of and the amazing sacrifice we as mothers go through for our children.  Please make sure you schedule you newborn session right away as its best to get them in early.

NEWBORN- Your newborn session is done in the first two weeks of your baby’s life, while your newborn is still very sleepy and tiny.  I recommend booking your newborn session at 20-30 weeks along to guarantee a session. To book a session I will jot down your due date and this guarantees a spot within the specific time frame for your newborn to be photographed. Newborn sessions are done in studio. I have a variety of props, accessories, backdrops and wraps to be used during your session.  I encourage both parents to be involved in at least a few images with their newborn to capture this deep connection and love for their tiny human. 

SITTING AGE BABIES(6-8 months)- The most successful time to photograph a baby is when they have just learned to sit up. There is no limit on outfit changes. Usually we get one outfit change and lots of naked ones. Babies this age come alive when the clothes come off.  Adding accessories to your baby is always a fun way to capture their growing personality. This session is of baby only.


CAKE SMASH (1 year olds )- A great age to get photos of your baby turning into a toddler.  This session is of baby only and outfits are encouraged. I have plenty to choose from or you can bring your own. It's very sweet to bring a little birthday cake and let them go at it!  The messier the better.  Of course this would be done at the very end of the session. 

OLDER CHILDREN- Have your child wear clothes that express their styles and personalities.  I suggest you stay away from busy patterns, logos and bulky clothing. I have outfits to choose from for most age groups or you can bring your own.

FAMILY- For family sessions I recommend doing them on location but can be done in-studio as well. Children tend to cooperate longer and are easier going in an outdoor setting.  Being outdoors makes for more natural and unstaged images.  I strive to capture the emotion, love and realism of your family relationships.  As every family is made of different sizes, personalities and ways in which they interact - every family session looks and feels a little different and I love that about these sessions. It's different every time.  I always suggest, don't stress just be yourselves and the images will show your connection!!